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Hard Drive Shredding

Securis Fairfax Offers Both On-Site and Off-Site Hard Drive Destruction to Best Suit Your Needs

On-Site Shredding at Securis Fairfax

Securis’ mobile on-site shredding provides quiet, speedy, and secure shredding services to organizations in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington County of hard drives, cell phones, backup tapes, DLT, LTO, thumb drives and other data storage devices. Our hard drive shredder won’t disrupt your employees or customers doing business at your location.

Performing hard drive destruction and e-waste removal services at the client’s location enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas. It adds an extra layer of security around our certified data destruction, and at Securis Fairfax we love every extra protection available.

Securis onsite services can shred thousands of pounds of metal and plastic per hour. The Securis hard drive shredding process has been independently verified and audited based on the industry’s best practices.

After the on-site hard drive shredding process has been completed, all destroyed materials are then securely transported back to one of Securis’ processing facilities to undergo the firm’s Zero Landfill, Zero Export treatment. You’ll get a full accounting and audit of the data destruction process to ensure that your company is not at any risk of data loss, theft or misuse.

hard drive shredding on securis' mobile trucks

Off-Site Shredding from Securis Fairfax

Securis provides a comprehensive list of end-to-end IT asset disposal services performed at our secure, access controlled facilities in Fairfax, including hard drive shredding, data destruction and e-waste recycling. Recycling and data destruction plans can be tailored to each organization’s needs, using any or all of Securis’ certified processing techniques.

The secure process begins at your location here in Virginia, where Securis’ professionally trained and certified staff members:

  • Tag and inventory, based upon serial number, all electronics slated for destruction or recycling to establish a chain of custody.
  • Record all serial numbers of processed and destroyed items for audit and accountability purposes.
  • Load all materials to be securely transported in a Securis GPS-traceable truck.

Once a client’s electronics are brought to one of Securis’ processing facilities:

  • A client-approved, Zero Landfill recycling plan is then executed.
  • A full inventory list is then provided to each client.
  • A Certificate of Destruction, a nationally recognized legal document of performance, is signed by a Securis officer and provided to each client.

Securis Is Data Destruction You Can Trust

Securis has more than 10 years of experience in the critical role of IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling. That includes all forms of hard drive destruction, from shredding to  .

We lead the market because we have a full stewardship of data, e-waste and the environment. Not only will we properly destroy your data, but we determine the best path to recycle your used electronics and e-waste, with a commitment to properly handling hazardous materials so they don’t end up in our water or land.

Securis Fairfax wants you to join us in a commitment to properly caring for customers and the places they live. Together, we can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you dispose of waste in a way that’s healthy for our planet and doesn’t put you at risk of fines from Virginia or federal agencies.